What is Builder in a Bottle?


Have you started to hear about a nail treatment called Builder or Builder in a Bottle? And you are now wondering ‘what is builder in a bottle’? Well, we’ve been offering Builder for several years now so we thought we’d write this little blog to explain it.

Builder in a bottle, also known as BIAB is a revolutionary invention of a harder curing gel which provides your nails with more strength than an original gel polish. One of the most popular features of BIAB is that due the added strength it provides your nails with, it really encourages nail growth! This makes builder in a bottle a highly popular treatment with all of our clients, whether they are a new client who has previously struggled to grow their natural nails, or someone who already has nails at their desired length but wants to provide them with more protection.
Builder in a bottle is also becoming increasingly popular with clients who want to move away from acrylic nails, which are highly damaging, and want to achieve a healthier alternative. We can use extensions with the BIAB to provide immediate length but with the peace of mind that there are no harsh chemicals underneath!

Builder in a Bottle can be infilled every 2-4 weeks, depending on your preference and how quickly your nails grow. One of the key features of BIAB is how we infill it at your maintenance appointments. We only infill from the regrowth of your nails, meaning that unlike traditional gel we aren’t removing all the product every time and therefore the infill causes no damage to your natural nail plate underneath the builder gel. We simply file off the glossy top layer to allow us to infill the growth and re shape your nails.

Although BIAB comes in a wide range of neutral shades, what our clients love is that you are then able to layer over another gel colour, leaving you with the added protection but no limitation on the design that can be created!

At The Venue Salons we use The Gel Bottle, brand of Builder in a Bottle. The Gel Bottle is the leading brand in builder gel and is vegan and cruelty free, so our clients can be assured that we are using the best products for them!

So why not start your new nail journey now and see what can be achieved! Builder gel is available at both our Wallisdown and Westbourne Salons, so book online today or give us a call to talk further about the treatment.