Semi-permanent Eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows


Semi-permanent eyebrows are an amazing way to enhance your facial features, this treatment is perfect for people who find they have very sparse brows or have over-plucked through the years. To perform this, we map and outline the shape on your face and sample different shades of pigment to ensure you are 100% happy before we finally tattoo!

Here at The Venue we use the Digital Machine Method which creates tattooed hair strokes on the skin. Once you’ve had the initial treatment you will need a top up 4 weeks after which is included in the price, but after that you won’t need another top up for a further 6-12 months. This means no more filling in or drawing on your eyebrows every day, saving you so much time!

The treatment does not hurt, you can feel the sensation, but it does not hurt. We apply a numbing cream before and during if you still feel anything.

Here at the salon we charge £250 for semi-permanent eyebrows, including the 4-week top up. This is paid in two parts to make it more affordable. Please feel free to visit the Semi-Permanent Makeup Page for pictures or take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, pop in and ask at reception for more details.

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