Semi-permanent brows and why they are a must for 2019!


Have you often thought to yourself “I would love to have my dream brows” but you are scared to have semi-permanent brows, don’t be! After reading this blog you will be converted!

The questions most commonly asked when having this procedure. Does it hurt? What if I hate them? Do I get to choose the shape and colour?

First of all, no it does not hurt, you can feel the sensation, but it does not hurt. We apply a numbing cream before and during if you still feel anything.

You will not hate them, it’s near to impossible as we spend so much time beforehand discussing the treatment so it will never be a surprise. I always explain to people, which tends to put their mind at ease, if you did dislike anything about the shape you just don’t return for your top up appointment and they will gradually fade. However, that is a last resort and ‘touch wood’ it has never happened. When you return for your top up appointment (4 weeks later) we can tweak any changes you have found over the 4 week period. But the majority of clients love them and don’t need any changes at all.

Do you get to pick the colour and see the shape before the procedure? Of course! We continuously show you the progress at each stage of the measuring, drawing and colour matching. The final result will always look better than the drawn on version, so if you like the drawing you will love your new brows.

We will never create a larger thicker brow on an older candidate that has hardly any brows to begin with, as it just wouldn’t look right. It is a gradual process and we can always go thicker and darker if you wish over time, but we always start on a natural footing. The same goes for the top up appointment (4 weeks later), we start with a lighter shade on most clients on your original appointment and then you always have the option of going darker on your top up, which most tend to do as they feel more confident.

We can create any different technique you wish from hairstoke and powdered to ombre.

What’s the difference between microbloading and digital machine? This is another commonly asked question when clients call up to enquire about semi-permanent brows. A lot of people think you can only achieve hair strokes with microblading, which is not the case. People understandably get confused about the difference. Microblading is a technique as is the digital machine. Microblading is used with a blade and ink rubbed into the skin. The digital machine is similar to a tattoo machine with ink being pushed in as we tattoo. Microblading and hair stroke are two different things.

Everyone has their own view and preference on which method to use and I would advise doing your research first rather than being swayed by the technician. However, in my personal opinion and experience I have found the digital machine to be the better option. I feel it lasts longer as it goes slightly deeper whilst still creating beautiful light strokes. I also find the strokes stronger in pigment, which last longer.

However, as I said previously, do your research and you can’t go wrong with a fantastic recommendation. Here at the salon we charge £250 for semi permanent brows, including the 4 week top up. This is paid in 2 parts to make it more affordable for you. Please feel free to take a look at the Semi-Permanent Makeup Page for pictures or on our Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, pop in and ask at reception for more details.

Are you convinced? I hope you are. Why not get booked in for your dream semi permanent brows in 2019! Don’t settle for average brows if you don’t have to.

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