New Year New You with Cryotherapy

New Year New You with Cryotherapy


Embark on a transformative journey with Cryotherapy treatments at The Venue Beauty Salon. Cryopen is a non-invasive and highly effective technique for removing warts and other skin lesions. It utilises the power of extreme cold to freeze and destroy the affected tissue, including warts, skin tags, pigmentation spots and more. Unlike traditional methods that may involve cutting or burning, this treatment offers a precise and virtually painless solution with less downtime.


The Cryotherapy treatment itself is extremely safe and will only treat the lesion and not the surrounding skin, this is due to the precise tip that can be used for smaller sized lesions, meaning it won’t cause any unwanted tissue damage and can be used safely on the face and the neck as well.


There may be some initial discomfort from the freezing as this may feel like a slight burning sensation followed by tingling on the lesion, but this will only last for a few minutes post-treatment. Occasionally the area may look slightly swollen and red as well, but these are all completely normal reactions. Itching may be felt straight after treatment, this is caused by the body’s histamines protecting the treated area. This will subside after a few minutes.


After a Cryotherapy session we recommend you don’t apply any creams, especially antiseptic creams, as we want them to dry out and scab over as quickly as possible. Don’t pick the scabs, as this will encourage scarring on the skin. Over the space of two weeks, the area will harden, possibly turn a dark brown colour, and then scab over and eventually fall off, taking the lesion with it and leaving visible new pink skin. This must be protected with high SPF which we stock in-store.


Experience quick sessions with Cryopen lasting just a few minutes, tailored to individual needs. Prices start at £50.50 and come with a consultation with one of our beauty therapists, which includes advice and aftercare. Discover the confidence of flawless skin, where each session brings you closer to your desired complexion.