Holiday Beauty Checklist


Holiday Season is just around the corner…

When booking a summer holiday there is so much to plan, here at the Venue Beauty Salon in Bournemouth we have the ultimate holiday preparation checklist to ensure you don’t forget any of the must have treatments you need before you jet away!


Don’t want to apply mascara every day or worried about it coming off in the pool? The options of what treatment you have done to your lashes depend on what look you want to achieve, whether you want to enhance your natural lashes or create volume by having extensions.

Lash Lift

This treatment is a great way to enhance your natural lashes and it lasts up to 6 weeks if not longer! By using a perm lotion and tint followed by a nourishing lotion your lashes will be lifted resulting in longer/darker and more voluminous lashes meaning you will no longer need to take your mascara!

Individual Eyelash Extensions

There are two types of extensions to choose from, natural classics or volume. We individually apply lash extensions to every one of your own lashes, once you have had your full set we recommend you coming every 3 weeks for an infill to keep them looking full as we naturally shed our own lashes therefore they need topping up! 3D Volume lashes create thickness and give a fluffy look, whereas individual classics are a more natural look but still give length and darker lashes.

Please take note that you will need a patch test at least 24 hours before your treatment!

Holiday Nails

Our skilled therapists can offer you a variety of treatments for nails, from acrylic extensions to gel/shellac polish. We use the very best ‘The Gel Bottle’ products and our favourite recommendation which is called Builder in a Bottle, this is a great treatment to continue with after your holiday too. We apply a layer of gel underneath your polish to give strength and prevent your polish from peeling or chipping!

Summer Pedicures

Don’t forget about your toes! Pack away your boots and get your sandals out! To ensure your feet are holiday ready we a callus peel to get rid of hard, dry skin. During the summer months are feet are prone to becoming dry therefore the callus peel is perfect to remove this in time to put your feet up on that sun lounger. And don’t forget that all important summer nail colour!


Last but not least…  waxing! Smooth legs, bikini lines and underarms are a must have for your holiday. Stay away from shaving as you will need to keep up with it daily and risk razor burn – prevent this by having a wax. This will last all the way through your holiday and will also mean you won’t have to pack your razor (more room for bikinis!)

We hope you all have a gorgeous 2019 summer – don’t forget to call us to get your holiday beauty list checked off!