Hair Advice by Nicky


Hair Advice – Salon Colour Vs Box Colour

So you’re trying to weigh up whether to buy a colour from the supermarket/pharmacy or go to the salon to have your hair coloured professionally, we have all the Hair advice you will need from The Venue’s very own hair expert Nicky.

There is a lot to think about, cost being the main priority. Yes, it will be cheaper initially to buy a box colour but will you choose the right shade or tone that will suit your hair, colour and texture. What about the next time you colour your roots? You are more likely going to overlap the previous colour when you apply it meaning that the ends will be darker/lighter than the roots. Before you know it you will be going to visit your stylist and asking him/her to correct it for you, which will be costly and very time consuming.

Remember a professional stylist/colourist has many years of experience and knowledge they will take into consideration all sorts of factors from your hair colour, tone, condition and your skin tone. They have many colours to hand and can mix a colour especially for you.

There are also many different techniques to apply colour that you can’t do at home. Box colour will contain 1 x colour and 1 x single strength developer. It is NOT tailored to your individual head of hair. It’s a “one size fits all”. It has to cover a wide spectrum of people, therefore it’s not suitable for everyone. That’s why it’s always better to visit the salon to have your hair coloured.

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New Trends for Autumn

Dusty Rose Blonde – If you’re already super blonde, a great way to add warmth, shine and a little bit of fun to your hair for the autumn is to add a little bit of pink.

Bronde – a Combination of Brown and Blonde – This is what the celebs are gravitating to for the Autumn. This is a deeper brown base with rich caramel highlights. These shades will not only warm up your skin tone, but will bring dimension and life to your hair. It will allow you to keep a little bit of summer within you.

Bold Brunette with Golden Brown Highlights – Chocolate brown hair with rich golden-brown strands woven in towards the ends gives a fresh twist on brunette hair for the Autumn.

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