Eyelash Extensions



Semi-permanent eyelashes are a fantastic discovery in the beauty industry and have been around for quite a few years now. An eyelash extension treatment involves applying individual or cluster lashes to each natural lash to add volume and length creating a natural but lightweight feel.


What different types of lash extension are there?


Individual lashes are well known as semi-permanent lashes. With individual lashes one cashmere lash extension is bonded to one natural lash, giving a more subtle appearance, a natural classic look without the mess of mascara. Perfect for everyday style.







Volume lashes are clusters of multiple lashes bonded to one natural lash. The volume lashes range from 2D-10D depending on how full you want them and how much weight your natural lashes can take. The volume lashes are much thinner than the individual lashes to keep them lightweight so no damage is caused to the natural lash. They give a fuller, fluffier and more dramatic look, perfect for clients who don’t have many natural lashes.







Whichever option you decide to have this treatment is sure to create a beautiful, natural glamorous look every day!

No more mascara and wake up each morning looking flawless!


How long do the lashes last?

The lashes can last 4-8 weeks depending on how you look after them. If you want to continue with the lashes there is no need to have a full set every time, regular infills every 2-3 weeks maintain them and keeps them nice and full.


Will my lashes be damaged?

No absolutely not! If the lashes are applied correctly and the weight of the extension isn’t too heavy for the natural lash there will be no damage. It is important to take advice from your technician on length, thickness and maintenance as this will help with the care of the lashes.


After care for lashes?

Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours

Do not use sauna or steam room for 48 hours

Do not use oil-based eye products, creams or waterproof mascara

Wash lashes daily with salon cleanser (available to purchase) or baby shampoo

Never pick at your lashes and avoid rubbing your eyes

Brush your lashes daily

Always have your lashes removed professionally

Book infills every 2 – 3 weeks to extend the life of your lashes


Book in for Eyelash Extensions now at The Venue Beauty Salon Bournemouth by calling 01202 566000 or alternatively you can book online.  Patch testing required 24 hours prior to treatment.

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