Eyelash Extensions – your questions answered


Are you baffled by all the different types of eyelash extensions available on the market today? Do you struggle to decide what lash style is best for you? We have all the answers you need!

Semi-permanent eyelashes are a fantastic discovery in the beauty industry and have been around for quite a few years now. They have come on so much from the original thick, plastic looking lashes to the new fluffy, light, satin silk lashes.

Which option to use?

The 3 most popular lashes are Classic, Russian and Pre-made Cluster lashes.

Classic are singular lashes applied to each individual lash creating thickness and length.

Then we have the Russian lashes, which are my favourite! These can range from 2 lashes (2D) all the way up to 6 lashes (6D) applied to each individual natural lash using a fan application method. The fan application creates a thicker volume with a light-weight feel, some describe it as a more natural ‘fluffier’ look.

Last but not least we have the Pre-made Cluster lashes, which are quicker to apply than the Russian lashes. These create instant thickness. However, we would only recommend these as a temporary measure due to the weight on your natural lashes. Great for a holiday, party or event!

Which lash style is best for you?

If you have very weak, short or fine lashes then I would recommend the Classic or Russian lashes, as they are light weight and still give you length and volume. If your own lashes are strong and thick naturally then you can choose any option from the list above.

I would describe all three as being quite natural, emphasising your own original lashes to thick, black heavier lashes (more like strip lashes).

Whichever option you decide to have this treatment is sure to create a beautiful, natural glamourous look every day!

No more mascara, wake up each morning with your eyes looking flawless!

We offer all three methods of Eyelash Extension at our Beauty Salon in Bournemouth. Call 01202 566000 for more advice or to book your appointment.

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