Hot wax and why we love it!

The Venue Beauty Salon is one of the premier beauty salons for waxing in Bournemouth. We love working with hot wax as it allows us to remove shorter, more stubborn hairs. Hot wax gets a better grip of the hair and does not cling to the skin, reducing any redness and irritation. It can also be a much more comfortable way of waxing in more intimate areas. For people that are slightly concerned about having waxing due to sensitive skin or pain,...

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The Gel Bottle

You may have heard and seen over social media recently of our excitement for The Gel Bottle product here at The Venue Beauty Salon Bournemouth. This is a fantastic new gel product is taking the nail industry by storm and we are proud to announce that it is a firm favourite here at the salon. With its pure white, sleek design this product instantly stands out at our nail bar. Here are a few reasons why we love The Gel Bottle Quick curing time...

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